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Search Engine Optimization

You don’t need me to link to Matt Cutts or SEOmoz, everybody already links to them. Here are some SEO blogs that might just surprise you.

Blue Hat SEO – Eli’s hat isn’t black or white, it’s just damn interesting.

The Mad Hat – Because all the best SEO blogs mention the word “hat”.

Slightly Shady SEO – One of the smartest young whipper snappers in the industry.

Sebastian’s Pamphlets – No blog with a cartoon crab logo can be bad. Plus he says smart things about how to optimize stuff.

CornwallSEO – Lyndon Antcliff knows from linkbaiting.

SEO Theory – Michael Martinez rants with the best of them. He likes to debunk SEO theories. – John Andrews blogs about “competitive webmastering.”

Seocracy – Do as he says, not as he does.

Google Blogoscoped — The blog I wished I could write. Really cool and quirky search stuff. And he’s German to boot.

Canadian SEO – Melanie Nathan blogs about linkbuilding.


Various blogs/sites worth checking out about online or traditional marketing, advertising, PR and occasionally web analytics – not the usual regurgitated fare.

Widget Analytics – How to measure widget performance “in the wild.”

Adrants – Great rants about the latest ad and marketing campaigns.

WonderBranding – Marketing to women – it’s not just about the color pink.

Bad Pitch Blog – Blogging about bad PR pitches. Not afraid to name names.

Make the Logo Bigger – Art director talks about brands, advertising and pretty much anything else.

Just Because

It’s my site and I can link if I want to.

Worst SEO Blog Ever – Title says it all. – He hates your SEO.

Syzlak SEM – He rolls with SEOHack and Streko. He likes the Simpsons.

SERPable – Because that’s the cheesiest “contact me” button I’ve ever seen.

In Search of Stuff – Random and funny. If you’re not in the search industry it probably won’t make sense.

Dave Seah – High quality blog about design, productivity, inspiration and empowerment.

A List Apart – Great articles for people who program, design or write websites.

Creating Passionate Users – Awesome blog by Kathy Sierra, who won’t let stupid num-nuts keep her from sharing her wisdom.

Plagiarism Today – Teaching content producers about issues surrounding online plagiarism, content theft and copyright.

37 Signals – More signal than noise. A Web 2.0 darling, but I won’t hold that against them.

Presidents Race – Nope, not about election-year politics. It’s a fun blog about the Washington Nationals and its 4th inning foot race.

Better Beer Food – Vlog about making tasty food that goes well with beer.

Photoshop Disasters – When photo editing goes wrong, horribly wrong.

Britopian – Written by Michael Brito, community manager for Intel, who also runs

Dan Zarrella – How stuff goes viral.

You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice – a site dedicated to pointing out those things that give you that feeling of ‘haven’t I seen that somewhere before?”