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Update on No Updates

Posted by Melanie Phung on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 10:34 pm

Updates to this site have slipped lately because the free time I used to spend blogging is now consumed by something a little more colorful. That colorful thing’s name is Stewie, whom I brought home from the Animal Shelter two weeks ago.

Stewie! Snack Time Bathtime for Stewie Stewie the Gymnast Birdie Naming Contest

So you’ll forgive me if the latest Google/Yahoo/MSN happenings are taking a back seat to more exciting reads like tips on how to get your parrot to eat vegetables, or the intense debate about whether Happy Huts are appropriate conure cage accoutrements.

I actually took the opportunity to create a WordPress blog about this experience, since I wanted to spend more time with that system. (I’ve mentioned before how much Blogger sucks, in my opinion.) Don’t worry, I’m not actually trying to get anyone to read it — I’m not one of those pet owners… yet. Nor will it be updated for much longer (unless I can figure out how to monetize it much more successfully than this blog).

From what little I’ve used the system, it absolutely hands down beats the Blogger platform… except that you cannot display affiliate links in your posts. Is it that
the WordPress CMS just strips that code right out of the posts if you’re on the WordPress domain (to force you to comply with the WordPress ToS)?

And if that’s the case, how is WordPress identifying all the links that could have a for-profit component to them? AdSense and LinkShare are probably easy to identify, but there are scores of other affiliate programs out there and the folks at WordPress couldn’t be tracking all of them. Am I missing something here?

Not that I intend to circumvent WP terms… just curious.

p.s. More pictures of my adorable little Stewie.

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Comment by Paul

Made Saturday, 4 of August , 2007 at 5:36 pm

There are a ton of affiliate programs– and I suspect ones that make it easy for WordPress to target get removed (adsense, text-link-ads, linkshare, anything that used a primary domain as a redirect.) And it is valid, but I would guess that independent aff programs using the index.html?123 are still able to be used

Comment by melanie.phung

Made Wednesday, 15 of August , 2007 at 11:53 am

Yeah, you’re probably right. I think LinkShare would be pretty easy to catch on the fly — I’m just surprised that they bothered to do it that way. It wouldn’t hurt to test AdSense and some other common programs as well, I suppose, to see if the same thing happens.

But here’s the muy bizarro thing: Upon logging into LinkShare today, my reports tell me that I earned some commissions off the links I placed in WordPress…. Except, if the links don’t show up… and the impression and click-through counts are ZERO… Huh? Zero impressions and click-throughs resulted in an order?

The only thing I could come up with to explain that is that a cookie was set somewhere along the line when I tested the link and it tracked an order back to my original visit — meaning I clicked on the link within the LinkShare interface and therefore I count as a referal when I went back later, even though the tracking pixel never fired from my published site to record an impression — but the order details don’t match any orders I’ve placed.

I need to learn more about analytics use cases.

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