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9 Ways Blogger Sucks

Posted by Melanie Phung on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 11:35 pm

  1. When you make template changes, you can only preview the homepage, not individual post pages, which might have different elements than the homepage (like AdSense units, for example). In order to see changes on any other page, you just have to publish them live and cross your fingers.
  2. Google finally allows you to create “labels” (which is basically a category), but you can’t control the title tags of label pages. The page title for each of the category pages is just the name of the blog — which is a pain both for the SEO and the user, who can’t tell what that page is about unless they look at the URL. See #3.
  3. The page file name is auto-generated based on what you named the label/category. But spaces in the label name are encoded %20 in the URL, so your page name ends up being /paid%20blogging.html instead of /paid-blogging.html… unless you put hyphens in all your labels, which isn’t always appropriate.
  4. You can’t batch rename a label (once you figure out for example that it converts spaces in label names to %20 encoding). So if you wanted to rename a category, you’d need to retag every post, delete the old tags and manually do a redirect from the old page name to the newly generated page name)
  5. Post titles always start with the blog name, not the name of the post.
  6. You can’t customize the look of the comments page.
  7. Once you approve a comment, you can’t change your mind and delete it without “hiding” all the comments on that post.
  8. When you’re approving comments via email or the Blogger interface, you can’t preview if or where the blogger linked the username. So something that looks like a nice innocuous comment when you approve it could link to an adult site on your live page. And then you can’t delete it (see #7).
  9. There are no good plug-ins like there are for WordPress

What about it… anyone want to make it an even ten?

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Comment by Paul

Made Wednesday, 13 of June , 2007 at 4:52 pm

The way I have to leave your site and to go to leave a comment on your blog.

Comment by melanie.phung

Made Thursday, 14 of June , 2007 at 3:08 pm

Good point, Paul. That’s one of my biggest peeves. I guess that’s related to #6. Readers can’t add their comments right from the post page; instead I have to send them off my site to a page that I have no control over.

Comment by Peter

Made Saturday, 25 of August , 2007 at 3:57 am

Hi Paul. I was also annoyed by #5 when I saw the results of my post titles in the Google SERPs. Did some hunting (which is how I found your top list) and blogged about a solution that I found for the page title problem. It requires some additional code to the template in place of the default title tag and works nicely. So, now you can reduce your list to eight items. 🙂

Comment by Jason Cohen

Made Tuesday, 18 of November , 2008 at 6:26 pm

I wrote up a bunch more, plus described why I decided to switch blogging platforms to Squarespace instead of one of the more obvious choices (e.g. WordPress, Typepad).

Hope it helps someone!

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