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My First PayPerPost Entry

Posted by Melanie Phung on Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 11:13 pm

I’ve blogged in the recent past about doing sponsored postings for Blogsvertise and ReviewMe, but I’d never done a paid posting for PayPerPost, the first company to gain any traction in this advertising niche.

(And too bad I hadn’t because I could have earned some pocket money just for talking about it — right now PayPerPost is paying out for participants to recap how much they’d earned so far — talk about self-referential.)

Just to keep on this week’s topic of text link ads, I’d chosen to do my inaugural PPP post about a site called and one of their encyclopedia entries* in particular: Text Link Ads.

I think I get what this site is trying to do: get great rankings for all sorts of different search terms — like Wikipedia has managed to do — but to monetize all that traffic with AdSense. Relatively speaking, there are a lot of Google ads on each page. But also quite a bit of copy. Okay, great, so let’s talk about the copy. What does this reference site have to say about text link ads…:

“Text Link is a way of organizing material that attempts to come across the inherent limitations of traditional text and in particular its linearity.”

Huh? Never mind the typos in the rest of the entry, but just… huh? No one is going to link to this as authoritative information.

Was this written by a random text generation algorithm? (tangent: my favorite random text generator is the Postmodern Essay Generator at Just reload for fresh pomo nonsense.)

I really don’t intend to make every paid posting an exercise in ridiculing the advertiser, but that entry was just outright strange. The idea behind the site was sound I think, and I don’t think it would have taken that much more effort to make the entries readable, so why start spending money on advertising when even just a little lipstick would have made the pig look presentable at first glance? And also, why isn’t there any real navigational element on the site? That’s the weirdest thing. I guess they are really intent on not letting you click on anything besides the ads.

Verdict: Good idea, terrible execution.

* They give Pharmacy as an example page, but I still need to include a link to that article in here to pass the PPP check.

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