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Posted by Melanie Phung on Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 3:22 pm

Random tidbit: Most people know that if you hover your cursor over an image on a web page, more often than not a little bit of text appears describing the image. That description is called the hover text. And many people know that the way to specify that text is to use what’s called an image alt tag (with the “attribute” being the value you assign to the tag). The same thing for link titles when you hover over a text hyperlink.

If you link an image and assign an alt attribute to the image AND a title attribute to the <> tag, one of them has to take precedence. In IE6, it’s the alt tag that displays when you mouse over the linked image; in Firefox it’s the link title that shows up as the hover text.

Updated March 20, 2007: More on the uses and abuses of the link title attribute via a Crea8asite discussion.

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