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Posted by Melanie Phung on Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 12:57 am

I’ve been a little behind on my industry reading, so I’m just now noticing that I got tagged last week to participate in a meme that’s making it’s way around the Web. According to one participating post, it was started by Jeff Pulver. Basically it’s a game of blog tag, where a blogger writes 5 things about herself that her audience might not know and then gets 5 other bloggers to do the same.

I’m a pretty private person, so there are plenty of things you might not know about me unless you’re a close friend. And I tend to like it that way. However, it’s fun to play along and I’m sure I can come up with 5 innocuous, non-incriminating factoids.

1. I don’t vote. Now before you get all up in my grill, I have a decent excuse: I’m not a U.S. citizen. I’m a German citizen. As a permanent resident of the U.S., however, I don’t have to worry about work visas or anything like that. The only time it’d be an issue is if I’m looking for work that requires a security clearance or anything for the government. Luckily, pretty much by definition, anything someone is going to want optimized for search isn’t going to be classified info. As for working for the government, that just isn’t appealing to me anymore. Which brings us to #2.

2. Before I came out to DC, I wanted to be a policy wonk. I spent my formative years in the San Francisco Bay Area (a.k.a. Silicon Valley) and I moved to the East Coast to get away from all the engineers. Once in DC, I promptly realized I didn’t want to do policy work and found myself an employer who appreciated that I was conversant in techno-babble (this was before the death throes of the first Internet bust).

3. I prefer WETA’s new format. I’m one of very few people who admits to being happy WETA switched to the all-news format at the expense of classical music. Trust me, this is a big deal to the public radio listeners of the DC area. But sorry guys, WAMU just wasn’t cutting it. So while everyone else laments that WETA dropped classical music, I’m personally pleased to have a radio station that I can listen to any time of day without fear of running into Stained Glass Bluegrass music hour.

4. I once met Jeff Pulver. He was hitting on a colleague of mine. The year: 1998. The event: SUPERCOMM. The dancing: spazzy. Pulver organized one of the parties, but I didn’t realize until later that he was the oddball tearing back and forth in front of the stage with some cringe-inducing euro-dance moves.

5. I hate slugs. Abhor them. Irrationally so. Give me a (reasonably sized) spider or snake and I’m a-okay. But slugs? (shiver). Okay, now I’m really stretching to fill out the list. But there you have it: 5 things about Melanie.

Much like a good ol’ fashioned chain letter, the next step is to pass this on to five more people who each do the same. As for who is next… I haven’t seen any rules about this meme, so I’m going to ahead and tag Matt Cutts and Jeremy Zawodny, neither of whom I know and neither of whom read this blog. Also on the list: Jonathan Sousa, Nick Carter, and Jaimie Sirovich.

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Comment by jim schuessler

Made Wednesday, 27 of December , 2006 at 5:37 pm

We have met at Supercomm Atlanta in 1999. I remember you well. The line to the counter was very long on the first day. You made the standing in line to obtain the admission pass much more bearable.

Comment by Anonymous

Made Wednesday, 3 of January , 2007 at 7:14 pm

I never met you. but reading your blog is my weekly information-gathering routine.

Comment by Jim S.

Made Sunday, 7 of January , 2007 at 5:30 pm

As a female organizer in the traditional telecom equipment industry, you stuck out. Walking the exhibition floor, I didn’t meet a female exhibitor at the booths of small and big players (Adtran, Alcatel, AT&T, Ciena, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, MCI-Worldcom, Motorola, Nortel, Siemens, TRW). Isn’t the Western telecom industry as much or more sexist than their Japanese counter-parts (Fujitsu, NEC, Toshiba)? Note: I am aware that Ms. Patricia Russo is the chairwoman and CEO of Lucent.

As a member of the TIA, I sometimes read your introduction of new members and interviews with CEOs. This is why I remeber you. Let me assure you that I am not a cyber-stalker.

ps: I envy the weather in the DC. I didn’t have power and was snow-bound for three days in Colorado.

Comment by Melanie Phung

Made Monday, 8 of January , 2007 at 10:33 pm

Interesting point of view. However, I’d argue SUPERCOMM is more of a marketing event than an engineering event. And it seems to me that women are, if not equally represented, then at least adequately represented, in the fields of marketing and PR (“booth bunnies” not withstanding). What do you think? I’m more than willing to be convinced otherwise.

Whether they are paid adequately compared to their male counterparts is a different question.

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