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Paid Posting: ReviewMe’s Pay-Per-Post Service

Posted by Melanie Phung on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 4:27 pm

One of the topics being covered in the PubCon session I’m attending is reputation management and the ethics (I’m fighting the urge to put “ethics” in quotation marks) of paying people to blog about your company.

Last week I signed up for ReviewMe, a competitor to PayPerPost, which is paying bloggers to blog about them. At the time I was told I had 48 hours to post my review. Afraid that I missed my chance to earn a whopping $30, I logged in to see if I could find some way around that time limit. Here we are half a week later, and I’m told I still have 48 hours to post my review. I like the false sense of urgency they created here.

I don’t see this business model becoming very powerful until it reaches a certain level of scale (i.e., these sites become large enough to act as an advertising marketplace). But once the concept of pay per post ads are recognized by the general web population, I think people will get really good at simply ignoring them — akin to the “banner blindness” phenomenon.

However, while I wouldn’t become an investor in something like ReviewMe, I don’t think they are wasting their time. Review me is asking advertisers for $60 for a post on sites like mine — blogs are evaluated in terms of traffic and number of inbound links — but only paying the blogger $30. They make 50% on the transaction and their own costs are minimal.

I can see plenty of D-list bloggers like myself flocking to try this once or twice, but the money is going to be in getting advertisers to return. So the question is, would I, as an advertiser, pay $60 to have someone like me write some mediocre content about my company? Actually, probably. The advertising ROI is questionable, but in terms of SEO value, sixty bucks for a permanent, crawlable link to my commercial site isn’t bad.

As a blogger, however, you can’t ask to write reviews; the advertiser needs to approach you. So what do you want to bet that this is the only ReviewMe paid posting that I’ll ever do?

So there ya go. That was my $30 opinion on ReviewMe. Sound interesting? Sign up with my affiliate link.

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