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ODP is Sorta-Kinda Down With Me

Posted by Melanie Phung on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 at 12:45 am

When I posted on Blogoscoped on May 25, I didn’t see my site in the Google Directory (which is actually just the DMOZ Directory republished) so I assumed no progress had been made. It turns out that All About Content got listed on DMOZ last week (the DMOZ clones usually take a while to get up to date). Huzzah.

I submitted this site to be listed in the DMOZ Open Directory Project (ODP) on December 31. It took just shy of 5 months to get listed. And in the mean time it had been moved, and then even deleted from the queue for being a “duplicate entry.” (Which I’m assuming referred to my bookmarks — which make no sense, since that implies that one can’t bookmark sites that already exist in the Directory, and that bookmarking a site precludes it from ever getting added in the right category.) But apparently it got pulled back out of the trash heap, ‘cuz here I am, baby. Thank you kind category editor!

And I did it without submitting more than once or pestering the editor to change his/her mind.

The truth is that I never thought I had some God-given right to be listed, like so many people seem to. But from an inbound link perspective, it is pretty sweet. Not only is it a link from a high PR page, but it also gets you a bunch of lesser quality links from all the DMOZ clones for no effort at all. Is that worth a lot? No, but it might be worth a little, so why not. Just don’t start obsessing over it — keep in mind that a DMOZ listing isn’t going to drive traffic or help you convert visitors into buyers.

While I hate to say it, getting listed is much harder than staying listed. If you are into the black-hat thing, I’ll look away while you peruse this thread about purchasing expired DMOZ-listed domains for SEO purposes.

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